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Birthdate:Dec 15
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Layout is by [community profile] circa77

This is my role playing journal for all of my rp characters I play. This journal is friends only of my role playing community that I run with my best friend [personal profile] kayljay.

This is a Friends Only Adults Only Role Playing Live Journal.
Not an adult? Then please stay the hell out!

This journal may contain NC-17 and slash (M/M relationship) content. Not suitable for minors.

This journal is now friends only of [community profile] jamaican_dreams

This journal is not real and is not connected in any way to the real actors I write and play here:

Johnny Depp - Johnny's Bio
Viggo Mortensen - Viggo's Bio
Craig Parker
Billy Boyd

Other characters I play are:

Dean Winchester - Dean's bio
Danny Messer - Danny's bio
Alex Harris - Alex's bio

Made up Character:

Tara Kathleen Mortensen ~ Viggo's Niece - Tara's bio

These characters are written by [personal profile] jack4will.

Main Couples

Johnny Depp/Alex Krycek

Viggo Mortensen/Kirill

Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester

Johnny Depp's New York home is [community profile] sparrowcove
His Jamaican Home is [community profile] jamaican_cove
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